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Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking - AutomationNG sees the bug before your customer sees it.

AutomationNG Features

AutomationNG Recorder

Intelligent algorithms to capture elements and actions performed by  the user and generate elegant reusable scripts.

Smart Visual Regression

Perform smart visual regression testing on your layouts and identify bugs with a single click.

Integrates with your tools

Integrates with commonly used tools such as GIT, SVN, JIRA, Jenkins, etc.

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, IE and Safari. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

Smart Object Recognition

Identify and locate objects that are less fragile and non flaky.

Concurrent Execution

Enables distributed and concurrent (“parallel”) execution on multiple agent nodes on Cloud or On-Premise Virtual Machines.

Cloud Enabled

Tests run 24/7 on any private or public cloud e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP.

Management Interface

Sophisticated Management interface to schedule test runs, analyze reports, view execution trends, etc.

REST API Support

Out of the box support to test your REST APIs (XML and JSON).


Super Fast Recording

AutomationNG has a smart Recorder that can help cut down your initial test authoring time by more than 50%.


AutomationNG allows you to record yourself performing actions on your web applications within your browser and automatically run them to continuously check for issues.


Script maintenance is low with our non-flaky Intelligent Object Locator.


English-Like Scripting

AutomationNG allows manual testers to easily write automated tests without coding.

The editor assists in extending the scripts with IntelliSense and  AutoComplete.

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Platform Summary

Be sure that your application runs on multiple OS and browser combinations.

AutomationNG provides a way to see how your tests perform in multiple test environments. View the test results of each test environment for any execution.

Consolidated Dashboard

Manage all your automation results and reports in one place.

Live View and Dashboard features provide aggregated information related to test history, logs, attachments, etc.

You can manage the scheduled test executions, agent instances running on-prem or on the cloud.
Know the details of each test step with a screenshot, assertions, execution time and much more.

With Jira integration, testers can log issues directly from AutomatioNG.


Sunil Padiyar, CTO - FacilitySource

We have been using AutomationNG for a few years now. I have been very impressed with just how simple the tool is to build and maintain the automation scripts. As we have learned more about the product we have found it to have all the functionality we need without all the complexity of many other tools out there. In the event we do have an issue its great to know we can rely on the trusted AutomationNG support team that has always been awesome.


Ninad Tambe, CIO - VEREIT Inc.

We have more than 10 applications running on SalesForce. Every quarter, SF releases an upgrade and it was a havoc to test all the applications manually. We used AutomationNG to automate the regression tests and it's been more than 6 to 7 releases now. It saved a lot of manual effort and reduced escalations from the Business due to bug leaks. AutomationNG does more than functional regression automation. We are even exploring the possibility of using it as a potential RPA tool. 

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